Giving the IBA SaddleSore 1000 another go

My history with the Iron Butt Association’s SaddleSore 1000 is a bit spotty, but I finally had a mostly problem-free experience doing a 1,000 miles in 24 hours ride on July 8.

Moto Friends, Part 1

During the time I worked at Iron Pony Motorsports, I saw bunch of people that I’d met through motorcycling and hadn’t spent time with since before the pandemic. That set of experiences made me realize how much motorcycling has enriched my life through the many friends and acquaintances I’ve made through it. 

How I Plan a Riding Season

For some, motorcycling is best practiced by hopping on a bike and leaving the driveway without a destination in mind. For those of us with full-time jobs, significant others, side hustles and the like, a little planning can help you get the most out of a riding season. For me, planning the next riding season…… Continue reading How I Plan a Riding Season

My First MSTA Fall Colors Rally

I joined the MSTA in 2014 and had aimed to attend the annual Fall Colors Rally every year since. Family commitments, bike problems, and – all too often – lack of funds at the end of the riding season made me put off attending the Lewisburg, W.Va., event each fall. This year, I finally managed…… Continue reading My First MSTA Fall Colors Rally